Monday, October 15, 2012

I Love you!

Dear Randall,

Today marks the one year mark, the last milestone of the last 1st we go through in the journey of grief. Even though I still have a long ways of healing in my grief it is a since of relief knowing that my last first is finally over with. 

You were an amazing husband, lover, best friend, and father that any woman could ever ask for. I feel so blessed that you were and will always be apart of my life. You have given me so many blessings and so much grey most of all you gave me love. A love I will cherish always.

I write this letter tonight to you to say that I miss you but its time for me, the three girls, and your mom to start living again. I know that is what you want for all of us. So today I ask you to give us a little more strength to start living again, to feel joy again, to hold onto the memories and the love you gave us but now to start our new journey, a journey of life, hope, love, and joy.  We will keep you with us always and we will still laugh, cry, get mad and remember you always. But today my love we ask for closure from all the pain and sorrow. Let us rejoice your life, let us give thanks in all circumstances according to God's word. We thank you Randall and we will forever love you and remember you. You are my rock, my strength and will always be my soul mate.

I love you so much Randall Scott Rogers, I will always love you!!

Your Wife....Tiffany

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